Hello. I’m Cameron, and I’m ultra-passionate about experiential storytelling. I believe in the transformative power of experiences and their ability to simplify messages, amplify response and petrify purpose. I’m a ‘go big’ or ‘why are you even here’ kinda guy, and I’m confident there’s a solution to every problem. Read more about my personality.

My favorite experiences are the ones that make me uncomfortable. Last year, I studied abroad in Malawi, a small country in Africa. The closest I had been to Africa was watching The Lion King. Read more about my experiences in Malawi.

I watch a lot of conspiracy documentaries, and I have an irrational fear of seafood. I think it’s the smell. Also, the U.S. definitely landed on the moon.

Here are a few more tidbits that you may find interesting:

  • I auditioned for American Idol. Their loss.

  • Frozen Reese’s Cups are my favorite food group.

  • I volunteer with an organization called Freedom a la Cart, which hires and supports victims of human trafficking.

Thanks for visiting my site. I’m currently looking for opportunities to follow my passion and add value to the lives of others. Have something we can experience together? Let’s connect.


We are made of Experiences.

My mom used to tell bedtime stories. I can remember her soothing voice, trying not to wake my inner 7-year-old. She would tell of fantastic heroes, daring sword fights and loving families. We would take turns contributing to each scene; she would say a line and I would say a line, each night drawing from the night before.

Like those magical tales, I believed my story would continue tomorrow, each day one step closer to the infamous “happily ever after.” But, that’s the thing about stories – they can do that! Life, unfortunately, isn’t that simple.

My mom’s story didn’t end with a “happily ever after.” She died unexpectedly when I was nine years old. Our story was never finished, yet lives on as a fond memory of our time together. My mom’s death was sudden and tragic, but it taught me many wonderful things. Most importantly, I began to realize the importance of every moment, fitting together like a puzzle piece in life’s unpredictable plot.

As an adult, I don’t remember much about my mom. I know she was beautiful, brilliant and bright. But, I will always remember many of our stories together – they created a bond that even tragedy could not destroy. In my life, I hope to bring stories to life through experiences that can be enjoyed with loved ones, just as I did with my mom.