Presentation Design

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” - Albert Einstein

I am proficient with Keynote and PowerPoint presentation tools.


Presentation: Pill Pal Product Launch

Tired of clunky pill organizers? PillPal, the 2018 IEEE SAC Showcase winner, is the ultimate remedy to the real household illness: inefficiency. This Keynote supported the team’s presentation for competition judges. Download the Keynote file. Download the Keynote as a PDF.


Presentation: Campaign

Boxed, an exclusively-online grocery wholesaler, is stocking shelves with affordable and convenient products. This ECHO Marketing Challenge submission aimed to drive traffic to the Boxed marketplace. Download the Keynote file. Download the Keynote as a PDF.


Presentation: & Juice Co. Market Research

Ten pounds of fruit in each bottle? Stop the madness! Take a sip of this PowerPoint created for a class marketing research project. Download the PowerPoint file. Download the PowerPoint as a PDF.